Cross My Heart

It seems there are so many things coming at me rapid fire right now I am too busy ducking to do much else.  I am happy to see the Vlog doing so well. Things here are still very new to me.  Honestly, I haven't given this the attention it is due.  But I am changing that.  Cross my heart!  I am gonna spend a little time here just learning the ropes – what does what on pages etc.   Maybe I will spend a day of it instead of watching YouTube all day ( yeah!  THAT'S gonna happen! )

I will try anyway.  For those who are stopping in… thank you and please check back.  I am sure you will eventualy be happy you did.

I have spent the majority of this morning arranging and rearranging pages & Posts here.  I think it's comming together nicely.  I only hope as time goes on and I become more comfortible with this interface it becomes easier.  I hope you enjoy it here and will give me feedback on my efforts.  I would like this to be a place you look forward to visiting.

Welcome to Balancing act is just that.. A Welcome Page

Who is Zen Archer is a short bio about myself and how I got here.

The Winding Road ( area you are in now) is where my posts are placed as I type them.

Until Next Time… ~ Be Well!  Zen Archer!

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Twist in the Road

 I woke this morning to the rapid taping of my little woodpecker friend outside my window. I lay there a while thinking of how he must have woke up, stretched to the new day and thought to himself "welp! I better get at having breakfast!"  It appealed to me that the start of his day was in turn what was now starting mine.  Now, As I lay there, I thought, "welp! I better get at having breakfast!".

 Once I had coffee firmly in hand, and my first cigarette of the day, I sat out on routine of logging on to the net.  I would do the same thing I do every time I wake, check my messages & comments on Blogs, Instant messengers, and my E-mail boxes.  I didn't know it at the time, but today was gonna be yet another twist in the road for me.  I had the usual spam messages, the occasional "you suck" messages ( that I simply delete ), and some very nice comments from a few friends & fans.  I looked over my Video Blog at YouTube and replied to the comments there.  Then I looked in the E-mail I had registered with YouTube.

 There I found a message saying I had been Accepted into YouTubes "Director Program". I was happy of course and made a mental note to get the ol' logo up, etc.  Then I headed out to make a Egg and Sausage Sandwich.  I think it was while cooking the Eggs that it hit me.  This is a golden opportunity to really make a difference in the world around me.  People are going to LOOK!  Many are going to listen, simply because the "Director" status adds some credibility to the video I produce.  Even if it isn't any different than it ever was.  But with that status comes a responsibility to be Honest in what I do, to be better at what I do, to be a better person in general. Because now, at least some are going to give what I have to say a little more weight and importance than they would have without "Director" before my name.  None of this maybe true.  But it's still the thought process I went though.  Then it hit me.  I don't need to be ANY different than I am.  I have always done my best to be open and honest with others.  I don't say things I don't truly believe myself. So, no major changes need to take place.  I will however try to do a better job at communicating my thoughts and Ideas.  I will experiment with the tools I use and try to become more proficient with them.

And so, the road takes another twist… I can't wait to see what's around the next corner.

Until next time, this is Zen Archer saying.. "Be Well!"

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Forgive me

If you are stopping by occassionaly to see whats new here, my appologies.  Things work a little different here.  I am still very unclear on the POSTING process as well as adding links etc.  I am activly working on it between my Video Blogs at  Please bare with me as I get my hands on the wheel and get this all headed in the right direction.

In the mean time Visit me at ~

For your enjoyment here is a small Video I put together than kinda sums up the whole concept behind "Balancing Act" and my online presance as "Zen Archer".


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