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If you have watch my videos you know I am one of the most even tempered, calm, and helpful people around.  Recently, just as MadV was leaving YouTube, He messaged me and asked that I join a new forum that was supposed to be about YouTube called YouTubeTalk.  I did as he requested since he and I were pretty good friends.

My 1st reaction to the site was that it was a FAN CLUB for A YouTube woman known as FilthyWhore.  MadV was also a Highlighted member and they had a section for EMOKid21Ohio ( although I could not find his name or any posts from him on the forum.

I didn't post much and was an observer most of the time.  There was a difference of opinion about a slang word used by FilthyWhore between some members there.  I gave my opinion in support of her use of the word ( the other guy felt it was a negative word ). Other Members also gave their views and things got heated.  But when someone put a poll up asking should the other user be removed or banned, I voted NO ACTION be taken.  He had an opinion and defended it.. I believed that was a good thing.  He thanked me for being tolerance.

Later someone asked.. WHO runs this forum as well as responding to my "suggestion" which was posted in the Suggestion Area about Highlighting more popular YOUTUBE people since the forum was supposed to be about YOUTUBE.  The Nameless Admin said "Oh its just a bunch of youtube users who thought a place like this was needed" & that the popular YouTube people were highlighted in the "more known users" area… I am paraphrasing here.


In an effort to be helpful as well as because I was also interested in the questions asked, I posted the following.. this is an exact copy.


For what it's worth..

I think I have been a positive influence here on YouTubeTalk.  The Administrators are doing the best job they can, I am sure.  However,  I do Not find this a reflection of the YouTube community. Nor do I find any good reason for it to exist as it currently is.

The People on YouTube who ARE indeed Popular there, and with good reason, are pushed to the "OH AND the Other Guys You may know of" Section.

I find that approxamitely 70% of the posts are arguing and back biting.  Unless I am ready to either bash someone or "go along" bashing someone.. there is little or no place to post.

People tend to use this as a CHAT rather than a message board.

When the admin here are asked who they are, their response is just Oh we are just a bunch of guys.  I think the Wizard of OZ also hid behind a curtain.  I have to wonder about the agendas of people afraid to stand in the open.

All I realy see is a lot of wheel spinning and no movement.  I wish the admin all the luck in the world and I will leave my userid here to check back and watch to see if things change. (if I am allowed to by the admin ) But at this point I don't realy see any honest attempt to make that happen.

and… so…  Posts from me here will be rare, if at all.  I will no longer mention YTT in my vlogs nor point others to the site.  I simply don't feel comfortible recommending the site since  my feelings about it are what they are.  I will try to check back.

For those who are friends of mine here, I will be on YouTube and you are welcome to post a message to me there if you like.

I wish you all Positive Karma, Peace, and Enlightenment.. Be Well!  ~ Zen Archer


I was worried that maybe I had "written them off" too soon and did check back for a response.  The Admin did reply saying, this was about my LACK of Fame on YouTube or YouTube Chat.  That the POPULAR YouTubers were Highlighted ( they were in the "More Well Known" Topic along with ME (duh!).  They also challenged me to name who runs Google or Yahoo or AOL..

I replied that since those were Big Companies, I had no Idea, but I also knew that they made the info available for anyone looking for it.  AND that I did know that YOUTUBE was created by the people who created PALTALK and the way I knew was because the were Above Board Enough to PUT UP A VIDEO all about it.  I then wished them the best.. ( as I always do ) and logged off.

I checked back to see a response only to find.. this message…

"Sorry ZenArcher, you are banned from using this forum!

Reason: You are suspended indefinitely for being disruptive to this forum. In its critical infancy, you are being destructive to the creative and growth process, with continuous misrepresentative information and erroneous assumptions. "

I later found at least 2 other members who were banned at the same time.  I know that One was the person who asked about who they were.

In conclusion.. I am not a person who goes looking for trouble or a battle.  As a Rule I do not get involved in squabbles.  But if you are going to choose to become a member of this FAN CLUB FORUM.. be careful.. and Don't Rock the BOAT if you intend to be there long.

In an Attempt to make ME and the Questions go away, the Admin of YouTubeTalk have removed the messages that were there.  So you will be INFORMED what you are dealing with there, I have retold the story here where it won't be deleted.

This Post will also be available on my Blog at WordPress..
when I can get it posted.. under.. THE WINDING ROAD category.

As Always, I wish you.. Positive Karma & Be Well!  ~ Zen Archer

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Cross My Heart

It seems there are so many things coming at me rapid fire right now I am too busy ducking to do much else.  I am happy to see the Vlog doing so well. Things here are still very new to me.  Honestly, I haven't given this the attention it is due.  But I am changing that.  Cross my heart!  I am gonna spend a little time here just learning the ropes – what does what on pages etc.   Maybe I will spend a day of it instead of watching YouTube all day ( yeah!  THAT'S gonna happen! )

I will try anyway.  For those who are stopping in… thank you and please check back.  I am sure you will eventualy be happy you did.

I have spent the majority of this morning arranging and rearranging pages & Posts here.  I think it's comming together nicely.  I only hope as time goes on and I become more comfortible with this interface it becomes easier.  I hope you enjoy it here and will give me feedback on my efforts.  I would like this to be a place you look forward to visiting.

Welcome to Balancing act is just that.. A Welcome Page

Who is Zen Archer is a short bio about myself and how I got here.

The Winding Road ( area you are in now) is where my posts are placed as I type them.

Until Next Time… ~ Be Well!  Zen Archer!

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Twist in the Road

 I woke this morning to the rapid taping of my little woodpecker friend outside my window. I lay there a while thinking of how he must have woke up, stretched to the new day and thought to himself "welp! I better get at having breakfast!"  It appealed to me that the start of his day was in turn what was now starting mine.  Now, As I lay there, I thought, "welp! I better get at having breakfast!".

 Once I had coffee firmly in hand, and my first cigarette of the day, I sat out on routine of logging on to the net.  I would do the same thing I do every time I wake, check my messages & comments on Blogs, Instant messengers, and my E-mail boxes.  I didn't know it at the time, but today was gonna be yet another twist in the road for me.  I had the usual spam messages, the occasional "you suck" messages ( that I simply delete ), and some very nice comments from a few friends & fans.  I looked over my Video Blog at YouTube and replied to the comments there.  Then I looked in the E-mail I had registered with YouTube.

 There I found a message saying I had been Accepted into YouTubes "Director Program". I was happy of course and made a mental note to get the ol' logo up, etc.  Then I headed out to make a Egg and Sausage Sandwich.  I think it was while cooking the Eggs that it hit me.  This is a golden opportunity to really make a difference in the world around me.  People are going to LOOK!  Many are going to listen, simply because the "Director" status adds some credibility to the video I produce.  Even if it isn't any different than it ever was.  But with that status comes a responsibility to be Honest in what I do, to be better at what I do, to be a better person in general. Because now, at least some are going to give what I have to say a little more weight and importance than they would have without "Director" before my name.  None of this maybe true.  But it's still the thought process I went though.  Then it hit me.  I don't need to be ANY different than I am.  I have always done my best to be open and honest with others.  I don't say things I don't truly believe myself. So, no major changes need to take place.  I will however try to do a better job at communicating my thoughts and Ideas.  I will experiment with the tools I use and try to become more proficient with them.

And so, the road takes another twist… I can't wait to see what's around the next corner.

Until next time, this is Zen Archer saying.. "Be Well!"

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Forgive me

If you are stopping by occassionaly to see whats new here, my appologies.  Things work a little different here.  I am still very unclear on the POSTING process as well as adding links etc.  I am activly working on it between my Video Blogs at  Please bare with me as I get my hands on the wheel and get this all headed in the right direction.

In the mean time Visit me at ~

For your enjoyment here is a small Video I put together than kinda sums up the whole concept behind "Balancing Act" and my online presance as "Zen Archer".


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