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You have stumbled into the world of Zen Archer.  Here you will find my day to day struggle to find balance in the world I live in.  In addition, I will try to pass on what I belieive is at the center of finding Ballance in all things.  This journey through religion, ethics, humanity, and opinion has no destination, but is in reality an ever winding road.  It often doubles back onto itself and at times appears to be traveling in the wrong direction.   

I'm not one to stay on the surface when it comes to probing the meaning of things around me. Whether I look for answers in organized religion, ancient philosophy or my own investigations of the world as I see it, I try to go deep. I'm interested in the kernels of things and the complex, sometimes contradictory, truths. It doesn't bother me too much if I can't find clear answers — that, after all, is the result of the nature of the questions!

I welcome you to travel this road with me and learn as I do.

Visit me at ~ http://www.youtube.com/user/ZenArcher

For your enjoyment here is a small Video I put together than kinda sums up the whole concept behind "Balancing Act" and my online presance as "Zen Archer".


Little Faith

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